In the past, cannabis was mainly consumed by smoking or eating edibles. Cannabis concentrates are available in a variety of forms, including products extracted from cannabis or hemp plants. Concentrates are some of the most potent cannabinoids you will find on the market, making it easier to enjoy the effects quickly.

Live resin has become one of the most popular concentrates, but it can be intimidating for people to try a brand-new product. In this guide, we’ve got all the information you need to try live resin. Continue reading to find out more about this innovative cannabis concentrate and how you can smoke it.

What is Live Resin?

Heat and other solvents are used to produce many cannabis concentrates; however, some of these processes may result in a product stripped of the many cannabis compounds that work together to produce the best effects.

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that uses a special technique to preserve the flavorful, precious terpenes, enhancing the overall consumer experience. Unlike other concentrates, live resin does not need to be heated. It is made by freezing the flowers of the cannabis plant to preserve the valuable trichomes that produce terpenes and cannabinoids. The essential compounds can then be extracted with a solvent such as butane or CO2. This concentrate is flavorful, potent, and fast-acting, and it has slowly gained popularity over the last decade, becoming one of the most sought-after cannabis extracts.

How to Smoke Live Resin

Concentrates like live resin are extracted plant material and look very different from cannabis flowers. Live resin is a thick, honey-like substance that’s sold in small glass containers, so you can’t just pop some live resin in a joint or pipe and start smoking.


Dabbing is a popular method of consumption for concentrate users and is an excellent way to truly taste the product. While dab rigs may look similar to water pipes or bongs, the actual process of using a dab rig is different. Dab rigs are similar to bongs in that they have water at their base and a mouthpiece on top, but instead of a bowl, they have a “nail” made from glass that is a small reservoir where you can drop your concentrate. The nail is heated with a torch and then cooled down (to prevent burning the concentrate). It is then covered with a glass carb cap, and the user inhales the vapor. There are many dab rigs available, but the process can take some time and requires additional tools such as a torch or fuel, which can be intimidating for some users.

Nectar Collector

The process of using a nectar collector is similar to that of a dab but with some differences. Nectar collectors are long, straw-like devices that allow you to directly inhale concentrate vapor. By using a torch to heat the tip of the collector, the user can reach the ideal temperature. Then, they simply touch the device directly on the live resin container (or even in it), inhale, and enjoy the vapor.

Live Resin Cartridges

A live resin cartridge can be a great way to test out live resins without having to buy new tools. These cartridges contain live resin and screw into a battery. Some batteries require an inhale of vapor to work, while others have buttons and heat settings to trigger the action. Cartridges can be a great option for people on the move. They are easy to use and are fairly affordable.

Vaping With A Dab Pen

Dabbing to vape live resin is similar to using a cartridge. Vape pens that are compatible with concentrates do not use pre-filled cartridges but instead have a coil that you can stick in live resin or any other concentrate. The user can use the dab tool to gather a small amount of live resin, drop it into the coil, and click the button. Dab pens are often more expensive than cartridge-compatible batteries, but they allow consumers to experiment with concentrates that are sold by the gram.

Combine With Flower

If you are more of a floral user, you can enhance your experience by adding some live resin to a bowl or wrapping it inside or around a joint. However, you should avoid lighting the concentrate directly and instead allow it to burn while you smoke.


Many people are enjoying cannabis in a new way today, with live resin. Even if you are new to concentrates, there are many ways for you to experience the high potency, abundance of terpenes, and unique experience that live resin offers.

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